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Star Gazing Babbage Style

Tis still snowing over at Babbage but now and then the ocean dampness stays close to shore and the skies clear. Perfect for star gazing.  

I have to admit that I don't get over to my place in Babbage all that often. I love Steampunk, but I am there mostly to be supportive of an area from the early days of Second Life. I spent a LOT of time taking photos there.   It is still a very photogenic place and I noted on my return that I had a new neighbor which adds to an impressive background.  

The Dirty Rat - Large Telescope  weighs in at 11 land impact in default size which is large. It is mod so you can resize as needed and the land impact goes down. It has see across the sim LODs even downsized so I set it outside for folks to admire and use. It comes with some poses but you could also add your own animations if you plan to use it in roleplay.  

There is currently no inworld store but items are available at events and on the marketplace

You can see THIS item at my place in Babbage -- Academy of Mystical Arts - Babbage Photo

I have more impressive items from this creator soon.   


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