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Desert Magic

There is something timeless about the New Mexico mesa. It could be 1930 or 1960 or today. Aside from solar panels and automobiles not that much changes. There is a quiet there and a beauty built on desolation. People live without water and without roads. Life is simple and the desert is the siren's song that brings people to the barren grounds that whisper in the night. 

I found that note the other evening when going through me email "save" files.   It was for a possible grant application that I never turned in.  Still, it very much reflects my feeling and fits well with my post for Serenity Style

Along with just about anything you can think of from decorated hot air balloons to dove cotes (that means a house for small birds LOL) you can find these lovely desert themed items.  

Serenity Style- El Pueblo Scene (includes bench and light fixture)

Serenity Style- Serenade autumn fountain
Serenity Style- Antique Vessel Stand

(Milk Motion) Desert - RARE
(Milk Motion) Desert cliff (resizable)


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