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Wandering over to the Destination Guide I spied something "arty" in the slide show. What could that be?

Well of course I ventured over.

[Pictures are screenshots taken with the sim lighting and no post processing -- hence they are fairly dark but presented that way purposefully to honor the artist's choices. ]

GBTH is a bit like the Museum of Modern Art (USA).  Sometimes your head spins; sometimes you wonder WHY you are so intrigued.  2D work mixes with installations large and small in  multi story buildings. Names of those presenting are painted on the exterior of the buildings.

The website ( mentions designing the rooms at slightly larger than real world sizes so that was a purposeful choice but the tiny rooms leads to the camera going outside the building visually so often it is difficult to immerse yourself. 

Stunning photography mixes with room sized installations and thoughtful themes. One exhibit  is of a sexual nature so if you shy away from adult themes be forewarned.  

There is also a gift box of very strange things LOL.   


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