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Hang Up Your Stuff

Out for the weekend sales, the Nutmeg. Wall Hooks which (insert happy dance here) come in two LOD models -- 4 and 7. So choose what you need for your viewing preferences and your space. 

I had to smile at this cute bit of "clutter".  It reminded me of a two person art exhibit I was in.  My "partner" in the show put together what was called back then "found object art". For some reason  the curator thought our works went together. Mine were finely detail surrealist 2D works. I don't think my compatriot liked my work any more than I liked hers so we decided NOT to put our works together (we were setting up our own show in a large concourse) but to divide the space with my art on one side and hers on the other.  It worked out well -- at least WE thought so. 

But back to what nudged those musings.   I can recognize some of the parts of this creation -- some of you might have all of them in your deep inventories.  BUT putting things together (found objects) in a new way DOES make something new that is also familiar.  So "I" am happy to add this to my collection.  My little house is pretty much full in objects if not in land impact allowance so it will be stored until a new place manifests :D.

Happy shopping. 


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