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Updating your LL Senra Avatar for Free on the Second Life Marketplace Part 2 Blake

Today we look at Blake, the male Senra avatar now lurking in the LIBRARY of your inventory.  Please see the previous post on Jamie to learn more about working with the files.  

This is the updated version of Blake using free gifts from the Marketplace.  I did change the shape a bit (mostly the head) and found I really couldn't get a look I "wanted" which isn't unheard of in mesh heads. So realize that that strong square jaw and rakish look just might not happen :D.  

I will say that the FEET with rigged shoes are huge and so I zeroed out the foot size and saved once again.  Like Jamie, the hands have a tendency to splay out. Also like Jamie there WAS an AO that disappeared (no logging out either time) and I haven't a clue what is going on with that. 

There are a lot of male avatars wearing Sweet's skins.   The completely free version is here with many choices.

There are many well made clothing items for the guys also. Most not my style but then I am not a guy either so that's OK.  The hair however didn't work for me at all.  The hair files for the girls and guys are all together then the guy hair does NOT fit the gal avatar but the girl hair fits the guy.  I wasn't all that convinced it was MALE hair however. So I went looking for an update. 


Sintiklia - Hair Will - GIFT - FREE   (Shown)  I actually had this already in my inventory before it became a gift. Great hair for both guys and gals.

Other Hair:

While looking for a gift necklace (not found) I did come across this nice manly glasses.   The same store has a lot of dollarbie accessories. 

Poses by: Diesel  Works as I "lost" that AO :D


Sheila Webber said…
Hi - I just noticed this free "welcome to Blake" skin free on Marketplace
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks for letting us know :D

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