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Vintage Finery

There is a new thread over on the SL forums about showing off your vintage finery. With nothing much on my todo list today and no blog posts in the queue, I decided to dig in my inventory and see what i could come up with.

Now I threw away all my OLD stuff when mesh came on the scene so no flexi skirts sculpted boots are lurking.  But I do have some very early items -- some I remembered, and some I found while picking through my folders.  

First up the Discord Designs - Codie (Chromium) hair which was brought on to the scene in one of the first gacha events and pretty much "everyone" wanted it.  I was lucky enough to get a blog pack.  It is still impressive and I remember Kallisti Burns telling me how long it took to make and the "fun" (oh so not) of rigging.   Happily I still have many of the colors in my inventory. 2013 

DeviousMind !dM Syn - miniDress/XS **PEARL** (stomach) was also in the very early days of mesh and Chandra didn't actually make this mesh but "remade" as "it had issues" (well what didn't back then).  I still remember when she started learning to make her own garments and the corset (no ones waist can be THAT small) that was her first project and then a cute 1950s dress.   From there? Hundred's of items mostly in the fantasy realm. 2013

Here is the original post featuring both these products. THAT was a surprise; I didn't remember that but obviously they go well together. 

My OtherSkin Satura skin and eyes are in a blogger pack which I am guessing came along with Fantasy Faire.    2015


Pose by: Diesel Works 2010


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