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Uber Anniversary Time

The Uber Anniversary round is underway with lots of gifts to collect.  I will be having a mini fashion show for you tomorrow but wanted to give you the lay of the land for this event as well as highlight this superb gift.  

STEELHEAD SUNDIAL FOUNTAIN  is an amazing 3 land impact with across the sim LODs and beautiful textures.  This is an impressive piece of work and my favorite H and G gift of the event.

This round is a mixed bag of sorts. You do not need a group tag to pick up the gifts. Some are touch to deliver, some buy for 0 and a fair amount are simply landmarks to the main store where you can pick up your gift.  I did NOT go gift hunting at the various stores but I am guessing that there are some bits of goodness waiting for those that do.   

I skipped all the makeup and applier gifts.  There are also some "add-on gifts" where you need to buy the item in order to use the present and a couple of boxes that were definitely NOT tested LOL.  So unpacking is interesting.  Things may be fixed by the time you get there. 

This celebration is definitely worth your time. Cam sims are open so it should be fairly easy to get in. I was there very early on opening day.  

PS -- while it is a VERY NICHE gift, there is a huge industrial crane as a gift from D-Lab :D.   I also spotted a fun oil-well pump release from Killer's that made me smile.  I grew up in a small town in the middle of an "oil boom" and remember those in people's backyards as well as orchards of them along the highway.   Fun.  


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