It's All in the Details

sf design makes some great menswear; I've shown you some examples over time. I enjoy "cross dressing" now and then and I've been known to buy guy stuff in RL as well. I hadn't really explored the more feminine side of Swaffette Firefly's work until recently. Why? I have NO clue. Definitely my bad :D.

This, my ladies, is one of the performance suits from the gal's shop. Are those great sculpty cuffs? Woot! The outfit comes with thirty-four pieces including various sizes of prim parts to help with that perfect fit. Let's call it virtual tailoring. There are also many shirt, tie and pants options; so much more than I suspected from the vendor picture. Many layer choices are included and the prims are touch resize.

The shirt has the option of prim cuffs with silver and diamond cuff links. I added a sfd color change bandanna and lost the tie for a different look. The suit separates are great for mix and matching. Add a mini skirt and change the bandanna color to a hot pink or lime and you have a totally different look.

Hat with hair, Mya makes bank, from Posh (new and free). Shoes from Juicy.

click for larger picture

In my grandmother's day proper girls were required to have matching shoes, purses and hats. If you are into retro, the color change Ascot set does the work for you. Menu driven with a variety of colors you can coordinate with your vintage wear. The set comes with a great hat, clutch purse and pointed toe shoes with bows. And if you simply want to be a rebel and wear pink shoes with a violet hat? That's OK too.

My Ladies Day dress above comes in a variety of bright colors as well as my I-so-love-neutrals gray. The black fur bolero is great for when the evening starts to turn a bit chilly. Perfect with formal wear, leather pants or dress jeans, it comes in many types of feathers.

The cute little white voile topper jacket is a cover up from the free bikini set now in the store. Find it prominently displayed for the next couple of days. Once July is over, it will disappear.

Poses by LAP.