Accessories: May Day

I've been picking up a lot of fun accessories lately. Most of these items are still available for free or as dollarbies. Some have been blogged by others and some not, so I wanted to put out a post as well as a thank you to all the designers shown here. It really IS the little things that count :)

The earrings top left, the leather bangle bracelet and the wood arm bands are all from +*Atelier AM*+ -- Isle of Tranquility 96/96/2. The leather bracelet also comes in a brown version. These are the two "apple piles" at Atelier AM for the hunt. They were still available as of this writing.

The top right lei (for LEI DAY of course) is from M.R.M. FACTORY -- Baines 33/121/21 and is available today and tomorrow. The pink lei is from Demoiselles I believe and came from the La Reina Boardwalk -- Juicy 202/127/24.

The cutie bear Koninginnedag (see all we learn at Phil's Place) came from Moontan @ K and K Fine Quality -- Starfish 224/200/22. It may no longer be available. Sorry, my memory fails me here.

And the diamond and gold anklet is from Body Politik -- Eventide Far East 138/171/42 and will be available for awhile as it was just put out.

I have more goodies! Alas, I have no more energy.

Go out there and have some shopping fun!!!