Weekend Finds

Raeva's -- Modus Vivendi 139/94/42 -- has a new dollarbie out at her shop. Very bright and summery, there are other color versions available in the same style.

Diversity -- Addictive 131/123/22 -- has two new items out for $25 each for 24 hours. A cute *AD*Parisa top that you can wear with or without the prim sleeves. I especially like the *AD*Somerset Capris in burgandy. These are part of the new items which retail for $100. There is also a Tee for men with one color on special.

Shameless --Serena Santa Cruz 163/88/22 -- has two cute logo outfits out. These come sans glitch pants so grab some undies.

Later note: Raeva was kind enough to send me the OTHER colors for the dress shown. So you can see them too. Yeah!