Free Men's Skin!

Nope. This isn't Wonder, this is ME! Hard to believe and I am NOT feeling very comfortable as a guy, but meet Chive -- the male version of me. Don't look him up, it's just my nickname.

Chive came into being because I saw a fashcon notice that A.C Store is giving away demos (no demo marking obviously) of its new male skin that is coming out soon. You need to join the group. Here is the part of the notice:

Next week we are also releasing the Romario Skin Gen 2 and some special skins for male models, and we decided to give a preview for you guys...Yay free skin for you, so if you wanna get it is simple, add yourself to a.C store goup and send sally yachvili a notcard with your complete name on it and you´ll receive your gift asap;P.
If you can't find the group easily (and I couldn't), just look up Sally's profile and it is in her group list. Oh what super sleuths we become on the quest of fashion.

The collar Chive is wearing is also from the A. C Store -- Brasil amazonia 48/214/24. The collar, a face light if you don't have one already and a cute hat are all on the podium right when you come inside the store.

Thanks to Wonder for giving me his shape and making a "twin" of sorts. He still looks better I think. Must be the attitude (wink).

Back into my regular body now (whew). Enjoy!