Yesterday after enjoying a fashion show featuring Freda's -- MAGIX 194/66/2 -- outfits for men and women, the audience was given a couple of her latest designs. How generous. This morning I logged in to find a NEW dress delivered in the night as a replacement for an incorrect one. This is really excellent customer service -- any way you look at it.

So I wanted to show you this lovely bright dress. Brilliance seems to be in the air lately and that's fine with me. I want SUN and I want BRIGHT COLORS. Well honestly, I still like the neutrals too but a change is good.

Be aware that there actually IS a system skirt included. I just can't get it to show up with the new release client and the current rendering problems with said skirts (big frown here). I DID see it for a moment so I know it is printed and I am going to cross my fingers that it is visible again soon.

Freda's is a big shop and this is only one dress, so you know the drill. If it is of interest to you -- stop by.