::::: MAGIKA ::::: New Stuff :D

Magika --Magika Land 156/150/25 -- has some very interesting new prize campers :D Sort of Cyborg Hairdressing? Not sure (laughing here) but a pleasant change. These are roomier, there are more available seats than before and there is NEW STUFF.

So for old times sake (since I obviously don't NEED anything - LOL) I decided to camp for the bow belt that was new and all the rage when I first came to Phil's Place.

100 stress free minutes and I have a very cute new belt. I love accessories. It's not a secret. I love the loft pictured above. It would make a great shop (someday maybe). The lighting is great and it is mod so you can add your own artwork.

Belt shown with Sn@tch top (from last night minus the prims), Love Chic skirt and ZHAO shoes.