Tuli NEW Skins

I can't believe that people haven't mentioned this yet :D Tuli gave out two models of skins in slightly different versions to her group early this eve. I was having MAJOR client problems and just ass-u-me-d that others would make note. So no notes and I relogged an things are better if not great.

Here is the normal me (almost five months in this skin):

Here is Emily from Tuli:

And here is an example of the second line:

While Tuli's skins are lighter than my norm, I am greatly impressed with the exceptional work. I like Emily the best for me. So now you have a sneak peak if you aren't in the update group.

Two other notes on this post. The newest version (20.8 I believe) of the LL client that came out today as a forced Release Candidate seems to have some very odd visual "effects". There is a very odd whitish swatch on my backside above my waist. This is not only on the Tuli skin; it is on the Eloh skin that I have been wearing all along and it was NOT there before this new client. Since the regular viewer doesn't log me in AT ALL, I have no choice but to use this. I will not be taking many backside photos however :D

I would also like to mention how impressed I am with the new hairs coming from House of Heart. These seem, to me, to be a huge leap forward in design work.

One more note (smile). I LOVE the new Skyline shoes from Shiny Things. Talk about quality and creativity all rolled up in one package!

Our content creators just keep getting better and better. HOOOORAAAAY!!!!!