Weekend Finds - May 11th

A very busy weekend for me with my shop opening and real life events. But I did manage to garner a few cool things to report on. My top is a very classy, long and pink tank from LaLa FooFoo's new satellite store at House of Heart -- Tropical Escape 130/172/22. While you are in the neighborhood, zip over to the BIG building and find some new release samples of hair. There are small white posters scattered about the building all containing the same hairs.

The hair I am wearing is from the sister shop of the new House of Heart, Bewitched -- Lemon Island 128/127/23. I actually chose an old landmark, not putting the new store with the new store's name and wound up at my old stomping grounds, Bewitched. What do you know? A very nice new release pack of Bewitched hairs greeted me there.

The skirt shown was a lucky chair prize from Sn@tch -- Pulse 176/212/29 and the leg bandanna (which matches VERY well) came from Lazy Places -- Growl 49/121/22. Look for a big box out in the open spaces between shops.

My little shoulder pet was a present to all of Fashcon (that many thousands of folks) from Venice Picassa. Cute little fellow :D

Shoes by ::69, Poses by ANA_MATIONS