The Good and The Bad -- and the really fun!

More shapes to try? Well at least one. Janey Bulloch put out an unreleased shape for $0. Find it upstairs at Shoe Fly. This shape is busty and hippy and TALL (over my 6 feet anyway) with a pretty face. Everyone has a different idea of beauty of course, but if you are a gal who always wanted to be taller in real life -- like me -- this could be the skin for you.

And then there is the Fashcon retailer who sent out a post reading Free Skin and Shape when with further reading we found that "free" was $29. /me shaking head in wonder and amazement at the audacity of people.

BAIASTICE has put out the August freebie and WHAT a freebie it is. A whole closet of clothes! I haven't opened all of them but if you have a few building skills and some prims left on your land, this is a really fun package. A note of warning to our newer citizens though. The gift box is actually a real closet with clothes on the hangers. The items to wear are inside the clothes. VERY clever! If you have NO building skills, however, you could get into trouble as the item is a coalesced object (sort of semi linked). Anyway, if it doubt, go to a sandbox and give it a try. LOTS of fun for sure.