Yeahs and Nays for Sunday

YEAH! - Cartunno Couture has a lovely vintage dress available for a limited time for $1. It flows beautifully. You will most likely need to shrink both skirt and hat -- unless of course you are OVER six feet tall (wink). Find it PROMINENTLY displayed in a huge vendor in the middle of the shop (no hunting here - wink). There is also an oriental dress at the entrance for $0.

Hair by Calla, Pose by LAP (new - TY Dove!)

Lilleth Mills Couture is offering a $1 pre opening gift. Find it on the wall near the entrance. HARD to miss (wink). It comes on various layers and includes sculpty shoes. This is very nicely made and suitable for most any formal event. I'm not sure I will be attending one (ever) but I am making an outfit just in case (wink).

Hair by House of Heart, Necklace by Hexed, pose by "the waterfall".

A yeah goes out to all the retailers who are now SAYING that free items are only for their group. THANK YOU!

And a special thanks to Dove Swanson who sent out poses to her update group because LL had ME$$ED things up big time. I love them LAP poses!


OK. Here are my two current "you've GOT to be kidding" issues.

1. When did a Dollarbie become $20 Linden?!?!?!? People are advertising dollarbies in their Fashcon posts and in the notecards (thank you for telling us there anyway) we find they are $10 and even $20 Linden. Enough is enough. A Dollarbie IS a dollar -- not a family of them (wink).

2. One store in particular (no names here) seems to be sending out very iffy freebie announcements. Last week there was a problem with the freebie items. This week there is a free item "on the wall" somewhere but the vendors are the type with no prices on mouseover and in order to FIND the one among the many, a person would need to click through each one. Now this is NOT fun by any means and the chances of buying by mistake are greatly increased. I noticed that the sim was almost deserted when I ventured over to check it out. Enough said.