July's Finalle

It's been a wild month at Phil's Place. I am hoping to get my 50th post in for the month by the end of the day. And of course I can DO that -- even if I have to emote to fill that last post. Sure 'nough.

So here are a few items to check out before we arrive in August.

InStyle has a very cute monokini for free at their shop. Find it right near the entrance. There is a lot of clubwear here as well as formal attire, so if that is your mode of dress in our virtual land, be sure and peruse the offerings.

EarthStones has a table of gifts (some old, some new, at least one for men) in their store -- all for $0. There is also a toe ring on the mantel behind the owl. And a lucky chair.

SLink has a new necklace set in its lucky chair. I thought I would try my luck and TPed over. There was a B on the chair so I called my friend Benicia and she got a set. Yeah! THEN the chair went to a ? and I got one and then an X so Benicia called HER friend and the fun just kept happening. I just had to take this picture to remember the moment. We didn't know any Q folks so the excitement ended. A closeup picture of the necklace and earring set is below.

Samara Studios has a new shape out called Shandra. You can get a copy only version for $1 for 24 hours (from about 11 am). I felt just like a movie star in this. And I think I look vaguely familiar -- ah Sandra Bullock? Maybe so. Anyway fun. I was tempted to stay in star mode but switched back to my old shape. TOO MUCH change is very disconcerting.

Necklace and earrings by SLink :D Top by Imperial Elegance (see previous post).