JE*REPUBLIC sent me a cute pair of earrings this eve. They are the summer group gift -- so the notecard states. They come in three colors which you can see on their website.

Being the good little blogger, I zipped over to their store to have a look. VERY CLASSY as the pictures show. They have hair and clothes and jewelry etc. and room for expansion.

I also found a couple of dollarbies - a logo purse and hair. So you might want to check those out as well as the shop of course.

Below are some pictures. I am heading to bed in that other world we call RL. See ya soon.

PS. I'm doing pretty good settling in to "new me" mode. Change is good. Change is difficult (wink). So what ELSE is new?

OMG, I'm still in the same outfit as earlier today. Tired. Look in the archives for credits :D