Cal Gal Freebie Geebies Week

It's a big week at Callie Cline's new digs. You can read about it all here.

I ventured over to see the excitement and was very impressed with the HUGE new build. Flying is GOOD there as it is indeed cavernous. No doubt waiting for lots of new things to be put out. This is good.

So, in case you were wondering what you might FIND during this week of giftdom. Here are a few pictures along with the designers names. I don't promise to show them all to you. I do -- now and then -- need to venture over into real life territory and accomplish a few things. But here is a preview. These gifts are still out. You need your Cal Gal tag on to collect them. Look for big gift boxes and don't forget the second floor.

Hair by Diversity, Poses by ANA_MATIONS.