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Do We Really Care?

Not long ago, Gogo had a post questioning whether it mattered if items blogged were purchased by the blogger or were gifts, release copies or any thing else of that nature. For me, it doesn't really matter, but I noted tonight that the feeds are full of the new Anexx lace up boots.

Did everyone run out and buy these boots as post suggest or was there a drop off of products?  I wasn't included, so I can't say one way or the other, but do I care?  Not in the least. These appear to be VERY COOL BOOTS, the hottest newcomers since BAX Prestige. I won't be buying them as you know how I pinch my pennies, but I can definitely pant over them. So if you have a shoe fetish (only in the nicest way of course), be sure and check out what appears to be the hit of the shoe fair.

Good design is good design whether or not the item was free -- and THAT'S my opinon *wink*.


Anessa Stine said…
I wasn't included either (if that helps), but they look great to me :)
Shelby Rasmuson said…
I'll prolly be buying those ones...and they most likely went to the bloggers who got in early to the SIM. I purposely didn't make an effort to be a shoe fair blogger (after 2 skin fairs...:) though I will do some coverage..
Anonymous said…
I wasn´t included either --- but hey I will buy them cause they are simply GREAT
Shania Singh / Freebie Telegraph
Anonymous said…
Chic writing as anonymous to circumvent the "life is pain" icon on the post page :D

I agree they are wonderful and if I was a buyer, I would definitely buy them :D. It is good to see some wonderfully creative things now and then. We get so jaded and there are so many similar items around and about these days that it is simply a thrill to see something stellar.

I am happy to admire them on others :D. Works for me!

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