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Pocket Gardens

I don't get a lot of goodies from DSN any longer. I'm guessing there are fewer designers signing up and I was one of the first to join in the receiving line. Still, friends who joined only a couple of days after me continue to get quite a bit. Maybe I just have lost my luck on the "lottery" there *wink*; I know not.

What I DO know is the cutest little garden arrived yesterday. Nicely done, the smallest version 3 x 3 meters adds a bit of nature to even small lots with tiny prim allowances. There is seating with pose (no poseballs -yeah) and the ground layer is scripted to become a variety of textures. I've turned that layer to alpha (invisible) to blend in with the natural ground texture in front of my shop. There is a gold toned concrete base included if you want your pocket garden to be prim, proper and constrained :D.

I journeyed over to the shop to find a variety of sizes and styles, many with demo versions so you can test how the menu and scripting work. I think this is my favorite. I love the birdbath! There is a loveseat with pose for couples should you have a significant other. If not, you AO can alter the cuddle pose to something a bit more solo if also a bit more lonely :(

You can change the color theme as well as the ground texture. VERY cool! Be sure and try out the interface.

This is the Pocket Gardens Shop @ Deco Monster >>

Gardens are also available on Xstreet.

The shop is in a very picturesque sim. I was thinking about settling here once. So exploration might be in order if you are feeling wanderlusterous (I bet that's not really a word, but it should be.)

Style Notes:

My top is a new release from Moonshine Designs called Mystery Top (review item). This is the horizon color. There are lots of tones to choose from and one color is a freebie at the Sn@tch Nightmare Eden adventure. I added some Victorian accents here to blend in with my sim's dress code (just kidding) but it could easily span many styles. The pants are from the Make Him Over Hunt at Rfyre. Great leggings. I wear them a lot. Who says all that stuff is just for guys. Other items have been mentioned many times before, so if you need to know just IM me.

EDIT: I knew that I was wearing a cami under the Moonshine Mystery Top *wink*, but I forgot that the bottom area is transparent. So the actually top looks fairly different than this. I have the prize color on now, Tuesday eve, sans undershirt and I'll be posting again with a fairer rendition in the morrow. It's cute both ways; I just didn't mean to mislead ya.


Carter said…
Thanks so much for the post! I'm very glad you liked the gardens. We've got new designs in the pipeline very soon. ;)

-Carter Denja, Pocket Gardens

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