That Xstreet Drama

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  So bright; so cheery!

By now almost everyone should know about the upcoming changes at Xstreet. I've read a lot of blog entries on the subject, commented on a few and of course had to find an answer for my personal situation.  For those of you that like to read, think and possibly comment, one of the best articles I found is HERE.

I was not incensed by the news of the changes. I don't make a lot of lindens from the web based catalog and I don't shop there often as I can never find anything. And no, it isn't all the free stuff -- I like free stuff, and there was some GREAT free stuff on Xstreet. I do think the atmosphere is a bit disconcerting  when you add the Xstreet proposed changes to the LL VIP survey to the demise of the mentor program(?). That isn't sending out a positive statement for me.

I didn't yank my Xstreet box out of the ground, but I did take out some items and only left the ones that sell. I will be removing all my jewelry items before we get charged. I have to admit that I am not 100 percent convinced this will actually happen. My blog started because of all the "can't use SL in your blog" drama of  Spring 2008 and I note that there are still plenty of blogs up and running that were "breaking the rules". So, while I believe the changes will happen, LL has backtracked on a few decisions in the past. I'm sure you can think of one or two or three.

So where does that leave us little folks?  Like many of the retailers commenting on other blogs, I've made some changes. I have moved my jewelry to my photography shop. I am very lucky to  have that option, one that wasn't available to me until last week when I bought some land. So my  store / house / hangout has become a bit more eclectic than I had planned, but I am selling those bangles again and so there does appear to be an interest still. Also, like many other small shops, I'll be leaving ONE item up on Xstreet for advertising. My add for that is shown at the top of this post. It's not the main focus of my shop, but the most salable one, and I doubt many people go to Xstreet looking for photographers *wink*.

So we do what we can do. We pound our fists or flow around the rocks -- depending on past experiences and temperament -- and we enjoy our lives as best we can.

There are some alternative online product sales sites in the works. If you sell items regularly on Xstreet and are upset at The Labs, you might want to send a note to Chip Kips and ask for a notecard on the Xstreet Alternative (working title). The last I heard, they were looking at about 2 weeks before possible implementation.

I do agree with the comments that this might all work out in the end. The problem is WHO it might work out for. The next time I am looking for a storefront prefab, I may once again check out Xstreet (or an alternative) and I may find what I am looking for easier. But I'll most likely be seeing a much smaller variety of designer styles. I'm not sure I like that trade off.