Pink Skies and Crystal Ice

Magic happens

When skies adopt shades of roses

And trees become winter wonderland sculptures

Celebration is in order.

Style Notes:
Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Kissy Kissy - Stein Silver
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Gogo
Clothing: A-BOMB Turtleneck - Red ,  KOSH- HK pants Silver
Shoes: ABOMB Maria Boots (Wedge) (new release - review copy), sf design tintable gloves (free), Kunstkammer Comfy Cozy Scarves - white/gray gift version (dollarbie)
Accessories: Grim Bros. gingerbread man silent night (MM board)

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


A-Bomb has a lot of new releases out and on sale for half price. So if you are in a shopping mood, stop on by. Shown in this post is the new red sweater with sculpty turtleneck and optional prim bottom -- AND some shiny patten leather short boots with inside zippers. Color change? Well of course although this bright red seems like a winner for this season.

Also just out are the very cute scarves from Kunstkammer.  You can pick the white and gray version up for only a buck. Lots of other great colors are available. Along with the warm winter scarf you get a cold breath attachment, with or without facelight. Authenticity here we come.  The gloves are from sf design where there are also some free jeans for gals and guys this month. I found after sorting my inventory that I already had a pair of these from last year, but if you don't you might want to stop by and keep those fingers from getting frostbite.

Back at the studio I pulled out a really cute snow globe from Grim Bros. as well as a "grim" gingerbread mouth piece (so cute). I have to say that this is a very entertaining group to belong to. You never know what will arrive in your mailbox -- and gifts arrive often. The snow globe is also a music box! The gingerbread man was a Midnight Mania prize.

Mediafire, where my windlight downloads are stored, was having issues this eve and I ended up at my account page trying to get back to the file upload. Well, you guys are actually downloading those Windlight settings! Good for you. I hope they come in handy.

For your photographers out there, these photos DO look like green screen composites, but they were actually taken on site with the Windlight setting I linked to. I always shoot in world either on site or in the studio with an inworld background.  Backlit and with a facelight they have and odd fantasy quality about them.  That's the way it is.

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    # by Addi - November 16, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    As always, thank you SO much for blogging us! Great pics.