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It's All About HAIR!

Well maybe not all. There is a lot of hair news going on though ----

You probably know that House of Heart and Bewitched have combined lines, downsized, retextured and made MANY changes at the urging of their fans. Yeah! Shopping is easier now. The store is much smaller but with room for many new designs. Bargains are in the basement (well of course!) and I have to say I like the differences. Some of the familiar styles are still in evidence but with an updated look. And one thing you REALLY need to know is that there are two extremely nice color demos (FREE). Woot! Click on one of the giant color demo posters to get your very own.

The demos are scripted for resize as well as color change. Try out 33 or so colors in each style to find your favorites. Shown above is Gwendolyn. Some of the new textures shine with vibrancy and are particularly yummy. Others are more sedate -- and that might certainly be your style. I'm still clicking though to find my new color favorites. There are some ash blonds that are really lovely and a very nice gray too. Again, this is all a personal taste thing; it's just fun to click and try out all the new colors.

My blouse in the photo above is from **Moonshine Designs (review item in the color spice). I featured it last night, but I was wearing it over a cami which changed the look a lot. So, I wanted you to see the top in a stand alone version. It is great for mixing and matching. The fact that the bottom area of the top is semi sheer leads to all sorts of possibilities. My skirt is the [LeLutka]-PAINE mini(Chocolate), a recent group gift.

Top left is the second color demo which I SO love. A little retro and see that shine? Yum. The style on the right is a new release called Mimi (review copy), a nice updo that could go from day to eve. Find these at Hairy Situations.

If you are in the Dark Mouse SOM, you should have received this recently. A young casual style named Felicja. A variety of colors were included in the pack including (Pale Brown). NO archives. If you want next month's gift, get over there and slap that Subscribo. What can it hurt?

There are also sales going on at Truth and Magika. So many lovely hairs to choose from.


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