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Free and Cheap Adventuring

I saw a post this morning on a feed about $25 Tuesdays. Now the post was in Italian so I copied and pasted into a translator to get the particulars. I thought this MUST be new as I hadn't heard a word, but from the archives it seems like it has been going on for over a month. Who knew? Not I. Ten Stores, $25 items, Midnight to Midnight -- you know the model.

So I got the list from the SOM history and off I went. My first stop was Tyranny Designs which was mentioned in the Italian post. I found a tiny sign right at the door pointing to the item on sale, a dress. When I reached my next stop, IMPulse I was faced with a variety of stores. I didn't find the $25 item, but you know that my hunting patience is in the low range. What I did find was a sign for lucky boards and Midnight Mania.

Find these boards here at IMPulse >>

Still wondering whether this is in part a hunt, I arrived at Trident
finding a sign with the $25 Gorean Hot Tub right at the landing point. This was good -- not necessarily a hunt fest. I may have just missed the item at IMPulse.

At Surrealizm the special item rezzed before anything else -- now we were getting there! A cute top in dark rose, sort of punk with a bare breast in evidence. Regularly $199 for $25. A good deal if it is your style.

Next up !Enchilada! Outfitters and two gals TPing onto my head at entry *wink*. Spying a "B" on a lucky chair, I called Benicia over. She hopped on the chair and won a brightly colored, Indian feathered belt set. The next letter was a "C" so we both won! Yeah. Lots of cute items here, but no one found the $25 special during my visit.

Edit: Benicia went back and a lady showed her. There are FOUR dresses for $25 right inside the door over the 25 linden sign. Not sure if they were there before, but they are there now.

Moving on to Forgotten Earth Design. By now my slow brain is beginning to see a pattern. While many of these shops have mainstream and period clothing, most of them belong to a Gorean trading group. Ah HA!

At Smashin Fashion the sale outfit was clearly marked at the landing point. I skipped btb slavewear (just not into that) and moved onward to Wild Talender. Find the special Gorean set in a gift box out front. While most of the items in the store are in the skimpy, RP vein, there is also a very pretty looking outfit called The Scribe, which completely covers you up in warm and toasty mode.
The final stop on today's trek, Yellow Rose Designs, has a stump that seats two.

So that's my tour of the $25 Tuesday event. Right now it seems to be fairly Gorean themed which may or may not work for you. If more folks join in (or more likely if more folks band together with this marketing model) we may see a larger variety of merchandise. Who knows, there may soon be a discount tour for every day of the week :D


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