Flower Fields and Butterfly Dreams

The hearts and flowers holiday is right around the corner and as I type about all things red, pink and romantic, there is a 3rd year celebration going on at Sounds Gravis Beach, Tables are set up along the dock and filled with both goodies to buy and some to take as gifts. There are even a couple of Lucky Boards to be found. Two of my favorite gifts are shown here. Each item is billed as a coat, but since the red "coat" had a shirt layer, I opted to wear it as a dress under the jacket. Now in the spirit of full disclosure *wink* this isn't the best wearing plan. Both coats are great, but the solid red one WILL flow through the bottom of the plaid jacket as you walk. After all it wasn't designed for that - LOL. Still it makes a lovely picture.

The plaid jacket is by +KiiToS!!+ which is apparently being  renamed to "pivaaca".  The longer red coat is by ::C'est la vie !:: . My poses are new releases from HelaMiyo

I was promoted at the school yesterday which earned me a larger piece of land. It was a lovely afternoon decorating in Asian theme. I spent most of my prims outside in the garden areas. The partially walled retreat complete with Chinese flags at the entrance is filled to the brim with flower fields from UrbanizeD. So pretty!  The house in the background comes complete with multi-choice indoor and outdoor textures for the windows. AND -- drumroll, please -- I actually made the script myself. Well sort of. I had the help of a great teacher who spent two hours with us. I made a lot of changes to the script and will make more, so I am a PROUD little builder at the moment. On off recessed lighting adds a nice touch for  the evenings. And, no -- this isn't a sales pitch. I doubt the tiny house will ever make it to the Marketplace.

I am making progress with the new Kirstens Viewer 21(4). A kind soul explained where the camera controls reside (right where they should be of course) and I am making headway on the depth of field settings which are needed to balance out the sharp contrast of foreground and background if you have a distance shot like this one. So all is well in my corner of the world.

Style Notes: 

Hair: A&A Amnesha Hair Ash
Skin:[]::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: P-Coat *Check* Open ver.; ::C'est la vie !:: woolcoat(red)
Shoes: BAX Prestige black

Poses by:HelaMiyo (new)