Inventing Our Environment

For those of you that may be wondering what I have been up to of late, here is a brief run down. I have been teaching for the last few weeks at LEARN AVATAR. In the process I received a promotion and now have a larger piece of land. Part of the emphasis of the themed sims is to build our environment on our own. No prefabs are allowed; only a minimal amount of favorite items from other designers can call our parcels home. Students take classes and teach if they choose to, passing on what they know to the next "generation" of SL builders.

If you have been reading this blog over the years, you know that I have a checkered career in content creation from clothes, to poses, to props to prefabs  -- and then there was the long term jewelry stint. I have tried my hand at most of what SL let's us create, but I have never built a whole environment.

When I heard a detailed explanation of the rules I was a bit daunted. Build everything -- or almost anyway -- on our parcels. Obviously I had plenty of lovely items in my inventory. When I first moved in  I put a fair amount out on my land. But over the last week or so I have systematically replaced the work of other designers with my own. Now all my work isn't the same quality of the things I have replaced. Some is, some isn't. But in the doing I have discovered something. The joy of living in a space that you have truly created. I know now how to make fanciful foliage groupings and trees from my own textures. Rocks  and a very cool sculpty bed with homemade poses sits beyond my sim boarder in the open air gazebo you see in the background.

My house has more fancy scripting that I ever expected I could (or would) create and it is a lovely spot for visitors and for me. All in all it is quite lovely and definitely feels like "mine".

Along with some old favorites in this post are some great new boots from  Baby Monkey. The Biker Boot details are impressive, with the shoes not really matching. One tongue is down, one up -- a realistic touch and a bit of quirky fun.  Low on scripts which is a priority for me with classes and crowds, they are high on style and that makes them a winner in my book.

The very pretty oriental planter which looks so lovely in my new garden is Meditation on 3 from Pocket Gardens. The prim bamboos are lovely and a departure in style from earlier Pocket Garden groupings. Newness and change; both good things. It can't stay long, but it will have an honored slot in my inventory waiting for another place and time -- and home.

Style Notes: 

Hair:A&A Amnesha Hair Ash
Skin:[:T:] Gina / tan :: 05 Equinox
Clothing:SD Hold Me Tightly Sweater Pink; [[[ SWANSONG ]]] Timeless Jeans (Sunrise)
Shoes:BM Biker Boot V2 right Wine
Accessories:Gems & Kisses - Gems - Black

Poses by:Diesel Works