On the Horizon

We seem to be in that last week of the month doldrums place.  New release are a bit skimpy,  a typical occurrence, and I find myself looking forward to the month to come.

On the horizon are two hunts that I am looking forward to. STEAM 4 (could it really be FOUR - yes it could) begins with the turning of the calendar.   TextureMania 2 begins at the same time. I plan to do both hunts in their entirety. It won't happen on day one of course -- only so much time to spare, but both hunts have proved to be wonderful in the past so how could I pass them up? My tiny prefab shop is participating in Steam 4. Always nice to be included.

While you are waiting for the new month to begin, you might want to dig deep into your closets and pull out any deviousmind garments lurking there. Dust them off, mix them with other items in your inventory and enter the new Mix and Match contest. No great photo skills are required, and you don't have to worry about me as a competitor. Since Chandra sends me most new items, it would be in bad taste to enter *wink*.  Still, it is fun putting together an unusual look! 

I had a theme in mind of course when I added accessories to parts of the Mortisia outfit. STEAMPUNK!  I think it turned out quite well. Entries should be on a plain colored background. I stayed within the rules, just to show you an example. Have fun!

Style Notes: 

Hair:Maitreya Piper II - Copper
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 02 Purity
Clothing: !dM Mortisha ; e! Buttoned Corset (Chocolate) 2
Accessories: ::IZUMIYA::PB_Glove; Steamy Victorian - Cogitator; Ibizarre Lace Scarf

Poses by: BehaviorBody