I'm in LOVE!

Just a quick COMPLETELY UNRETOUCHED photo from the BRAND NEW Kirsten S21 viewer that came out today. My blurry morning led me to the website where I downloaded this new version. You can get rid of the blur and keep the shadows. I am in heaven.

I turned everything on  that I could think of including things I have no idea about and I have clear, beautiful photos with none of that "artistic" blurriness that was so frustrating for me.

The earlierS20  version crashed for me, but improvements in the server code have since solved that. The new  S21 Interface works so well. I am a happy gal. I am sure there will be things that I miss, but I am going to give this a try for awhile. Maybe not today during class; that would be a bit tricky since I don't know where everything is, but definitely in my off hours.

Oh, that shine on my shoulder is most likely my facelight on dim which I don't need. But you get the idea. Works great for me. Two thumbs up. Find it HERE.

Got to run. Styling notes in my previous post.