Meet Zoe, Tuli's release for the Vanity Universe Skin Fair. If you glance from time to time at the style notes at the bottom of my posts, you have probably seen that Tuli's Gina 04 from the Dressing Room is my everyday skin of choice. Zoe is similar to Gina. There seem to be more air brushed contrasts of light and dark and subtle differences that give Zoe a world wizened look -- at least when seen on Chic.

Note: I received a urgent plea from a reader to look up the word "wizened" as Zoe was SO beautiful. Indeed, I used the word incorrectly. What I MEANT to say is that she looks wise beyond her years. That word, it seems --- even in the middle of my night when typing -- is "wisened". What a difference one letter can make. Hopefully many of you read my intent and not my typing. Interestingly  enough the spell checker doesn't understand that wisened is a word -- and there may have been my problem.  :D

One of my favorite additions to the new skin line are the eight (yes EIGHT) different tattoo eyebrow colors. I often do a little cringe when I wear hair that contrasts boldly with brow colors. Having a large assortment of brow choices definitely solves that problem. Lip tattoos -- in abundance -- are also included. AND if you are in a new Version 2 viewer you can stack tattoos. Here I am wearing black eyebrows and an earth toned lipstick. The possible combination are vast.

So if you are a Tuli fan -- or even if you are not *wink*, try out the demos and see if Zoe is a good fit for you. Zoe comes in four skin tones with several makeups, pale, fair, sunkissed and tan.

The Skin Fair runs from 20th of February 2011 till the 6th of March 2011.