28 Kisses

There has been an advertisement on television the last few weeks talking about the number of first kisses we each have. The magic numerals are 2 and 8. Twenty eight first kisses.

I am pretty sure I haven't fulfilled my quota *wink*. I remember Bobby in first grade as well as my last kiss. There were some fairly stellar ones along the way. I am not complaining.

Still, there are a few empty slots to fill.

I am wearing part of the new Elaine set from Blue Blood. The poses are some of my personal favorites from a large collection out at EverGlow.

Style Notes: 

Hair: A&A Cookie Hair 1
Skin:[:T:] Gina / fair :: 04 Galaxy  [:T:] Gina / fair / lips :: Ruin
Clothing:+++BB+++ Elaine BLACK
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

Poses by: EverGlow