OTR - Stepford

A few weeks ago a reader sent me a landmark to a place she thought I might use for photography. I journeyed over and explored the pristine plots of Stepford. The sim is a " modern-day, themed, gated community " where you are encouraged to wear your very best and be mindful of the neighbors and neighborhood. A day spa and tennis courts add to the ambiance of this upper class locale. 

As you might imagine, I didn't feel all that at home within the wrought iron gates of the elite; the closest I have come to this type of living was a cul de sac in an artist community. I am more of a small house, small town, historic district gal. But Stepford IS all it claims to be. The lawns are manicured, the streets host not one bit of litter, the buildings gleam with new paint. And, if you are in need of a photo shoot location that speaks of "the good life", this might be the perfect place.

I had myself some new duds for my adventure of the morn. My dress and leggings can be found at Ibizarre -- a new release called Neelie that comes with a cute denim vest (so not Stepford *wink* but great for more casual jaunts). Scarf and leggings are included and there are four colors to choose from.  The skirt includes and alpha layer for hips so that nasty poking through effect is solved. Yeah!

My super long fat braided hair is one of the new Amacci releases. The front is similar to some recent styles -- all which work for me. The french braid ( I hope I have that correct as I was never very up on the differences) is both classic and casual and could work well in some role play periods. Shyla comes in almost every imaginable color including some of my favorites such as graphite (gray) and -- ta da LIME! 

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Shyla ~ Brown Auburn
Skin:[:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 02 Purity - [:T:] Rosy cheeks 2
Clothing:Ibizarre Neelie Dress
Shoes: ABOMB Chic Wedges - Linen
Accessories:DECO - Cat's Meow Glasses - Coconut; Berries Inc summer freebie bag (NLA)

Poses by: BehaviorBody - LAP