Summer Breezes

I completed the Summer Breeze Hunt this afternoon, coming away with lots of great items. There are plenty of goodies from housewares, to textures, clothes -- and lots for the guys. I will be showing my favorites over the next few days. The official hunt blog with hints but no store names is here. You will be looking for a colorful sand shovel (hand sized). Most of the time it is bright pink, but don't count on that. I found blue and green and red and tan as well as the standard pink version. Sometimes they are small. I did find most though and I am not the best of hunters!

Shown in this first post is a very pretty pier from PRIME. It comes with a variety of single and couples poses, adjustments and the ability to swap positions. The pilings are very long so even hillside lots could use this.

This swimsuit hales from Paris Metro and comes with the butterfly tattoo as well as a nice Panama straw hat and these glasses. I am wearing the Zombie Hunt hair from dDx that I showed you yesterday. I zipped over to NN City this afternoon and watched folks killing zombies. Not my thing but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

These well fitting sandals are a prize from WilDsOul. They come with an easy to use hud and happily one of the programed skin colors worked nicely for my tone. Yeah! You can add tints from the palette to find tune if needed.

Click the photo for a larger photo.

Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel Works