So -- I finished the Mesh Around Hunt. I started at 5 am before official time making it a long day.  Lots of great things can be found including tons of dresses. There are a few things for the guys and some oddities like brass knuckles from Epic Arsenal #11. I am keeping those *wink*; that movie prop thing. You never know when you might need them and details make all the difference in filming :D.  A few stops are MIA at this point so check the blog (link above) to see when to move on. One no-show is toward the beginning of the hunt and as I circled around to that territory I found a huge group of gals looking. I checked the listing to find that there was no prize out and shouted the next location for all the folks that didn't know about the store list.

All in all though, definitely a hunt not to miss. I haven't opened everything and I am tired, but I wanted to show you a couple of my personal favorites. First up the dress in the lead photo. It is bright and sassy and well made. There are two color combo choices. But what puts it apart from the pack in my mind is that it comes in a gazillion sizes and with three different alpha layers. So if you normally have issues with mesh dresses fitting? This is a good prize to look for. Find it at Happy Undead (a new to me shop) and number 4 in the hunt.

Now you are bound to see this hair in every other blog post for the next few days. It is the prize from dDx, a store that I have purchased from in the past. There are two boxes to find, one with light colors, one with dark. A hairbase comes with.

And my last fav of this post are these mesh eyes from Mayfly, another new to me shop. Eyes are often an issue in photos and especially in filming. The whites are often that -- WHITE. They take over the attention in the shot. These come in four levels of whiteness with the ones shown being the darkest. They are definitely mesmerizing. I'm not sure that yellow is an everyday color for me, but it looks great with the rest of my outfit.

Earrings are from BeautyCode and not part of the hunt.

Poses by: Vista Animations