Chameleon Breezes

Today's post features more from the Summer Breeze Hunt and a new release from $10 Shapes.  This surfboard with multiple poses is part of the prize from BoatHouse. There is also a very cute sun shade prop and two decorative surfboards for added ambiance. Since I had no beach land to rez on, you will just have to go find that little sand scoop and open your prize to see.

Oddly enough this is the very same beach I took photos on the night before last. All the very beautiful builds from Markus Inkpen have disappeared as well as follage. There are buildings in the far distance, but not all that photogenic so we are going with minimalist this morning. All the better to see the lovely water reflections, my dear.

These board shorts are from Ostentatious on the Summer Breeze Hunt. A gal's mini dress in the same print is the prize for the ladies. 

Another very cute prize is this lifeguard chair complete with beach grass, preserver and board.

Various poses let you choose what works best for you.

Find it at Lustre/Shoreman Designs.

Click for a larger photo.

Poses by: LAP (nla), aDORKable

This swimsuit is one of three color choices from Just Take It.

And now here's an interesting tidbit of info for you. Guy and gal in this photo shoot are the same new shape, Casey.

The androgynous shape comes with minimal bust and two foot sizes.

I have been taking vendor photos for Sami this morning and that got me inspired to do this post. It really is amazing what the chameleon shapes can be. I spent a long time finding what I thought were good skins and hair for these guys (used in the vernacular).

I personally like the more male look for this shape; on another I preferred the more female look. It all depends on what you are after.

So it was a challenging and fun morning for me. I made sure Sami had the shape up at the $10 Shapes shop before I finished up this post.

Hair by Dura, shoes by Duh!, male skin AKERUKA Damien Shaved Light, Female skin gift (nla).