Medieval Fantasy Hunt

I am very much in hunt mode this month. I am also feeling the need to "nest" which is odd since I have a perfectly nice house with a great view. But you know we are seldom satisfied, even virtually. My latest adventure takes me on a quest for a sword in a stone. King Arthur, Gore and other fantasy realms are featured in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt.

It is a fairly short hunt, with a nice blog and hints. Some of the stores were recently visited in the Silk Road Hunt. I am surprised I didn't run into prize vendors along the way. Focus :D. This hunt seems a bit more difficult than the Silk Road Hunt, mostly because many of the stores are sim size. But perseverance leads to goodies, some amazingly nice.

This outfit is from Mystic Hope and there is one for the guys as well. Easy to find, it is right next to freebie gifts, so pick those up if they are not already in your inventory. My sword is not really a hunt prize, but it is free and right NEXT to the hunt prize at An Lema. I was alerted by floating text, so no sleuth points need to be awarded. For the hundreds of you (maybe more) that picked up these assassin boots from lassitude & ennui last year on a $10 hunt -- they go wonderfully with this outfit. 

Pose by: aDORKable