Sprucing Up

I always look forward to Spruce Up Your Space weekends. The theme as you may remember is Summer Vacation and this bench and planter set from Trompe Loeil is in the mix and actually my personal favorite of this round. It is mesh of course and ridiculously low in prims (dances with joy). I just did a quick count and the planter that in the olden days (before sculpties) would have weighed in at sixty prims or more is ONE PRIM (excuse me, "land impact") now! Oh the joy.

The planters come stand alone so you can add your own foliage as I did in the top photo or choose the one prim topiary that is included in the pack. The bench is only four land impact points and there are various colors available to fit into any type of decor. Seven animations are included. I set this up at my friend EE's house. Now if he would just LOG IN to see it, we could share the bench and chat a bit.  Very pretty, and "I" at least plan to enjoy it. 

My very cute mesh dress is from Sleeping Koala on the Taste of SL Hunt which has a couple more weeks to run.

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    # by Evelyn - July 7, 2012 at 4:10 PM

    Thank you so much for blogging my dress!