Second Life Advent List 2014

It is going to be a VERY busy month and it all starts TODAY. So many wonderful events going on including ------ Advent!

A present a day from many content creators across the grid. 

Meanwhile -- the fashion notes.

This new, black or white by hud coat hales from ArisAris.  Sleek and form fitting it is perfect for any of the chilly months. Look for Essential Coats (Exclusive in Frozzen).

Selenia hair by MINA for The Arcade (woot).

Get your WINTER on!

*********************  ADVENT LIST ************************

Updated December 13th 6AM

If I couldn't find the board by 11pm Nov 30, it didn't make it on the list even if it was advertised :D. Many more have been added. There are a lot of prepacked boards out there. I culled this list but there are still a few in here as I can't remember which to delete :D.

You will find your favorites. That's the point

Landmarks go to the calendars when possible so use your beacon if necessary.

Swayland -- This year you are looking for holiday ornaments (balls) in various colors. Then as in years before, match the answer to the gift of the day and reap your rewards. Going early on the 28th I found most numbers up to 15. It never fails that the day I didn't find is the item I like the most LOL. But in the past gifts have been available for purchase after the day has passed. So check on that. If you haven't done this before it is lots of fun. Info notecard givers are available at the site. You can see the gift for the day on the website here.

KittyCats -- Sometimes items are FOR your cat and sometimes cat themed. And now and then the reference to kitties doesn't seem to be in the mix. Always a good time. The first day (and maybe onward) there is are presents for BOTH you and kitty. Don't miss this one.

Later note: In case you have a kitty and didn't know. You apparently need 15 prims for the collar ( I am guessing that is to rez a "new" version of the cat WITH the new collar?!) and you can lose the collar from your kitty if you don't have those prims. You can get it back but if you are short on prims -- don't try the pretty collars.

Fierce Design - also a Santa's lap to sit on and get gifts. 

Abraminations - group only

Alli&Ali - Same as last year - potluck with a chance to pick up something new each day. Note as of Dec 3 (all day) this does not seem to be working well. Hopefully it will be better soon. Several folks didn't get deliveries.  Fixed

A Touch of Magic (Dollarbie) - a numbered tree is inside the shop. Each day a new item is revealed. Not clear now if items will stay for the
 duration or be taken away.

ALB Dream Fashion - update NOW group only - $300 join fee

Forest Mall (adult)

AMD & AMT : A whole new world  (group) 

MadPea Advent Hunt ($100 Hud)  - check for more info on the MadPea site as the hunt begins.

Alice Project - two boxes by the tree (one for VIP group)

Drama Libre - A fun place I visited in my youth. 

Parfum de cristal - traditional advent calendar in a gorgeous snow sim. 
(Gone on day four)

Cero Style

Isis Boutique   

Celtic Wolf - advent tree on the wall.

ASD Holiday Market - (group only - adult sim)

Vampire Realm

Aaron`s Kitty Store KittyCatS by Vegan and George (group only) small calendar on desk.

Hibiscus Hastings' Gallery of 19th Cent. Art

22769 - a 13 days of Christmas will start later in the month. Find the large Christmas tree and the package tagged for the day.

Chop Zuey - 12 days of Christmas will start later in the month. TWO boards - one group (fee) and one free. In the center of the entry.

Dulce Secrets - 12 days of Christmas will start later in the month.  Big box under tree.

Akaesha - Naught or Nice calendar. Not really an advent calendar, clicking brings up a map to a location where you can find a "naughty or nice" bag to click on and you MAY win a gift certificate. The girl that was there with me did win a $500 one so they are in there. There are also Naughty or Nice gifts.

Sweet Revolutions - group only hunt for the package each day. Free to join.

DMC's Intan Couple Dance Balls - Various boxes you have to hunt for in the store.

Timeless Textures


Skye Qi

Living Vintage Couture

Virtual Impressions (group - free to join) 

StoraxTree - $5 this year but there were some very nice things in the past so putting it in the list.

Lantain Flox (box on ground with floating text)

Freebie Cosmos (group only - free to join)


Mrs Santa Christmas Market  - actually more of a hunt somewhat like DMC's. Find the hunt item for that day in one of the stalls in the market.

Imortals Avatars 

WEIB Sales Room

{NaYu} Design

Roots and Wings - not a calendar, just a poster in the middle of the room.

Needful Pixel - time is set for Europe (the unpacker can't seem to get the product delivered - maybe the same issue as Alli) FIXED. Sorry the landmark goes outside. I can't seem to get in the building although I did when I was making the list.

Yasum Design - a complete house and furnishing is the gift given throughout the season.

Wicked Island Shopping

Loordes of London - (group only) there are no numbers on the tree boxes; just mouse over until you find the active one. The board will open up one last time on the 25th if you miss one (timing isn't automatic so problematic for some folks). 

X-Clusive Animations - adult sim - no child avatars

Pose by: Diesel Works from the NEW Zahara set