It was a reprise visit to Don't Panic for me today.  My friend returned from her trip and since we had played many of the Pulse Halloween games together it seemed fitting to explore the 2014 version. Since I knew I had missed a lot of the areas, I was sure I would enjoy a return trip.

Amazingly we finished in under two hours -- and no I didn't help all that much.  Along the way I found the black kitty in the pumpkin (woot) and a good portion of this outfit.

These really gorgeous horn are from Devae. The stately head horns are in one prize package and the body horns are in another. A note says that these will be available at the store after the event ends (not much time left). Other colors will also be available.

The dress is one of the many prizes from Sn@tch. 

Happily there is a new release to show you from Bliensen + MaiTai that coordinates beautifully -- the Rawwr - Claws. Find them at  We Love RP.

Eyes by Mayfly

Poses by: Orc Inc and aDORKable