Geeks and Nerds Fair

The Geeks and Nerds Fair is in full swing. Lots of really fun items to perk up your living spaces can be found.

From Cheeky Pea, the Los Robles set with bright colors and plenty of details. Both PG and A versions of couch and chair are available. Do NOT miss the ball lights which didn't make it into this shot but are hanging happily above the couch. 

It isn't all furniture of course at Geeks and Nerds. Find these cyberpunk rigged boots at the lassitude & ennui area. There are plenty of colors to choose from.

In the background -- on the left, the Cheeky Pea Los Robles chair from Geeks and Nerds as well as the COLLABOR88 release from Second Spaces, the modern alchemy lab table. There are three colors to choose from. Drawer repeat on the back side for in the middle of the room styling.

And for Geeks and Nerds, Second Spaces has some cool accessories. Honestly I need that ASCII chart in real life - LOL.

The lead photo was taken in the Geeks and Nerds offering from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] -- theSpacecraft Sleeping Nook. This is so fun!

Other Fashion notes:

NEW  - Jasmine Cardigan and Top by Ducknipple. Sweater an be worn separately. Color hud for both sweater and tank.

Hair by MINA
Glasses by {theosophy}

Poses by: furniture