Loving Lava

Are you ready for November?  Well, I am!

Out for FaMESHed from BAIASTICE, Rochee ankle boots. These come rigged and unrigged and in -- let me count them ---


Even purple is represented. This is "lava". Now I had no idea which of the myriad of hues lava might be, but it is a lovely rich rusty cranberry -- at least in my Windlight setting *wink*.

As I was getting ready to open the box of bootlets I was thinking about scripts. So far BAIASTICE footwear comes in tons of colors with no scripts (well there were the metal color change parts for those tall over the knee boots I love -- but generally).

Most of the garments I unpack these days are scripted. Tons of colors all in one item; many choices. This is fun. This is good on inventory control.

But of course the IS a "but". There are also times when you WANT low lag, unscripted items --  be it footwear, garments, jewelry or hair. There are plenty of venues where you need to dress down avatar impact wise.

There is no need to abandon your style on these occassions, just make sure you have some busy-venue friendly items in your inventory.

These fit the bill.

Poses by: LAP (nla)