The Arcade - December 2014

Coming to The Arcade in a day and a half -- the Tromple Loiel advent gacha.

This is the gacha key. My "calendar is unscripted and set to its appearance as if it was fully completed".   Now I am not 100% sure just what that means *wink*, but it is SO CUTE. I am guessing the numbers light up when you use the key for that prize.

BUT my sleuthing adventure game skills had me noting that there are twelve objects in the scene. Twelve prizes to get. So my best educated guess (certainly not always right) is that for each different key, you get a prize AND get one of the pieces of the little scene.  It weighs in at 23 and is fairly small. You could easily place the base into the ground to hide the numbers -- and that's just what I am planning to do.  

Now here are SOME of my favorite pieces. I am going to have a hard time deciding what to use in my new house (more on that tomorrow).

Objects are mod for size and increase (or decrease) in land impact accordingly.  

These are so inexpensive you will definitely want to try for them all!