A Place in Time

A dusky early eve in a fantasy world. Is it? It could just as well be current times. Whatever your pleasure there are some new releases that work well in many times and places.

A fun new rigged mesh wrapped pony was released from Vanity Hair. Look for Guns and Pearls. The hair base is not included, but I am guessing you already have a favorite pony hair base. I am wearing one from EMO-tions.  Many color huds are available of course.

My Luna top from Ducknipple can be any of twelve colors with a simple hud click.

I am standing inside the recently released  Great Harvest Market from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. Find it at The Secret Affair.

While this is a very traditional build with really gorgeous textures, it could easy work in a rural setting as a barn like structure.  The 22769 guys have been VERY busy lately with lots of impressive releases. I will be showing you my favorites but you will likely run into others at a variety of popular venues.   

Pose by: LAP (nla)