Sweater Sets

Many decades ago there was a popular mode of dress called "the sweater set". The ArisAris ~Sinuous Outfit reminded me of those days. This is NOT your 1950s sweater set however  *wink*.

Roomy slouchy sweater, beautifully textured bandeau and saucy little skirt that moves VERY well  -- all combine to make this the "new" sweater set style.


Even better news?  There are nine different garments via hud. As I was trying this on I was thinking how nice it would be to choose between sweaters and skirts and such and not just by color. You know what? You can. Very cool!

Now when I was looking up the correct decade for the original sweater set popularity (I had it right by the way), I found a fun website where you can test your style. Not sure how accurate it is but mine came out appropriately. Those computers are smart!

Give it a try here.

The Bliensen + MaiTai - The Wastelands - Bottle Cap necklace comes in two styles and is sized for both men and women. Find it at Genre this month.  Lots of fun!

Hair by Vanity Hair

Poses by: Diesel Works