Sea of Cubic Dreams

Eclectica has some lovely new releases.

Earrings and necklace (either silver or gold with color change stones) are almost lyrical in their shapes. You can find these lovely sets at the  Jewellery and Accessory Expo. Look for "Maruska".  

This showstopper ring is one color of many colors (right and left hands are included) available for a gacha pull at the same event. 

I am SO loving this new Croft sweater from 20.FIVE. It is so comfortable and just what I would like to have in real life. It won't quite work (for me anyway) with the new 20.FIVE jeans that I also really love. But that's OK. I dug out some older texture leggings and added those Arcade BAIASTICE boots yet again and I am set.  Five colors to choose from, I seem to be in a black mood these days.   

The skin I am wearing is from Lumae, a newish skin establishment. You can find it under the tree at Fab Free Headquarters. The gift comes in three skin tones with this being the middle version. This skin fit me very well so I ventured over to the shop and tried some demos, also very nice. When there on Sunday morn I noted that there were skins out on special for Sunday, so check on those also. There are many skin tones in the regular packs. 

I would like to encourage you to visit Sea of Cubic Dreams before the month ends and it disappears. Extremely lovely and inspiring, it is definitely worth a trip. 

Hair by Dura (older)

Poses by: Orc Inc and aDORKable