Holiday Style

Did you play "dress up" as a girl?  I did. Wearing my mother's finery I felt so grown up.  We have the ability in our virtual lives to be anyone we want to be, and sometimes it is just plain fun.

We can live in decades that were long gone before our birth, imagine what the future might hold, experience different cultures.

There is a new year on the horizon and I encourage you to welcome it with style.

From NSP Florals, the Madame de Floria hat newly available at Gothmas by Gaslight.

It pairs perfectly with the "OMG I just have to have it" new release from BAIASTICE, just one of several styles for the holidays. This is one gorgeous dress!  Look for Kalia in many lovely colors.

Necklace by Stars!
Shoes by Essenz
Poses by: BehaviorBody and Everglow

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    # by Nora Wallwork - December 28, 2014 at 3:15 PM

    Oh lovely post hun! Glad you like the new NSP Madame de Floria. There are more colors and vintage themed ones as well.