Christmas at Casa

Winter has come to Casa and the holiday spirit as well.

The shopping is both easy and pretty with many lovely holiday items and gifts to be found.  Here are just a few.

A big selection of holiday accessories are available at Kaerri. The holiday curtain comes in a variety of colors as well as a minimalist black version. The really lovely poinsettia plant in the background is the gift on the Penny Wishes Hunt.

I am really liking this holiday tree. It is a color other then the Christmassy ones; it is very lifelike AND it is 4 land impact. Works for me. Find it at Dreamscapes Art Gallery.

And if your tastes run to something more fanciful, this scripted tree comes with on-off lights, music and a switch. Look for it at the [kusshon] store.

Original art (yes, really - clap, clap) can be found at Casa. Really wonderful to see.  These are by artist Ohsoleomio.

There are some superb candles available from Maven Homes. These are one prim per candle (including holder) and scripted. Very nice! while Maven Homes has a spot at Casa, the candles are only available on the Marketplace.  There is a builders edition here.

Casa merchants include:

• %Percent
• Meadowworks
• Little Branch
• Circa
• Maven Homes
• Meshworx
• Kaerri
• Sources
• Follow Us
• CJ Creations
• Danemarkz
• Dina's Creations
• Dreamscape Art Gallery
• Kusshon
• :DH Holidays
• Sascha's Designs
• Zuri Rayna Jewellery
• Resident artists Carlotta Ceawlin, Ohsoleomio and Kayly Iali.