A Very Good Year

Iheartsl posted some clever stats from Wordpress today. I am still a Blogger gal and have been long before Blogger even HAD stats. Man I feel old.

The 31st is my rez day. I will be SEVEN. Now I know plenty of folks who are older than I am, but still -- no longer the new kid on the block for sure.

I think my highest traffic day (Blogger doesn't keep track buy my memory is still pretty sharp for an old gal working her way toward a decade) was 870ish. Not the norm and amazingly I don't remember what that post was (see, I really AM getting old).

Now we all know that statistics are iffy to inaccurate but mine seem to be pretty stable so I am going to assume that some folks out there are reading. Actually since those using readers or seeing via feeds don't often get counted (well if I am particularly chatty as some feeds don't show the complete posts) who knows?

I am pretty sure my audience was less than 10,000 a month average when I started, or perhaps not as there were few blogs then and a good sized SL population. So for MY frame of reference I am going to go with 10,000 a month and be happy with that.

In that corporeal world I had a website once that was triple that 1 and four zero number, but it was much more global in nature and not so niche. I am particularly happy that my even nichier blogs are also doing well with now and then a day that almost reaches 200 (a big deal as some days it is in the 20s).

Still it is good to know that I am not typing into the ether.

Thanks for reading!