Advent Stars - Day 7

Here are some highlights of the Advent calendars courtesy of Sami.

From Somnia a prettily textured dress with texture change hud, so several dresses in one -- at KittyCats.

From CERO STYLE, texture shorts with mesh top.

At Sway's a holiday fireplace complete with candles.

From Living Vintage Couture, a cute bed for a variety of petite avatars. A menu let's you choose which you are. While this will adjust to full size with no issues, the poses will take some extra adjusting. Doable though if you are a typical avatar and love the bed :D.

There are two salsa dances in box number 7 at DMC's.

Sami's hair is from The Alice Project for day 6 and still out as this goes to press. Some shops haven't changed out their gift for Day 7 yet.

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Poses by: LAP (nla)